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If there is something to win in life, it is life itself. Stop existing and start living.

Nicki minaj
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As a female rapper, Nicki Minaj has been amongst the fewest females that made it to the hip hop world through her strong rap numbers. The words of hers songs are something that can be used as quotes to memorize. We provide you with authentic Nicki Minaj quotes from her famous numbers and from her interviews in magazines and newspapers. Most of the Nicki Minaj quotes are related to life, success, love and hatred. You can search through the different quotes that she said on different occasions addressing herself and the people around. They are surely fun to read.

Nicki Minaj quotes are famous because they exhibited what was on the famous rapper's mind and not something that camouflages her personality. She had a different way of describing her personality and the ups and downs of life. Most of her quotes are addressed to the critics and haters that are quite direct and can be a bit abusing as well. But they depict truthfulness and how she sees the world around her and this is what makes them interesting to read. Nicki Minaj quotes are famous because of the popularity of the rapper herself at a young age. She had a lot to say to the world in a different way which makes her quotes something to remember.

Her songs are major contributors to the quotes she has on her name. Nicki Minaj quotes can be checked for their authenticity through her popular numbers. They are mostly used by people in texting, commenting and social networking. Nicki Minaj quotes can be searched through relating to different aspects of life, success, love and more.  At a young age she has a lot of sayings to be quoted mainly through her songs and some of her interviews. 'Get Your Quotes' will keep updating as the popular rapper keeps speaking her mind.