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If a self centred person can notice that I am in Love with all I do, then I am certainly Love

John Lennon
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If you think I am a dreamer, then join in my dreaming and you will understand why I prefer dreaming.

john lennon
About: John Lennon quotes

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The multi-talented artist John Lennon only expressed about life, love, music, passion, religion and success what he felt and never forced anyone to feel the same thing. The Beatles sensation was famous for his wry sense of humor that can be seen from the words he spoke. John Lennon quotes can be seen everywhere from books to t-shirts, mugs and even in advertising banners. Being an icon himself he was regarded as someone with an unconventional way of expressing himself which was considered both bold and amusing at the same time.

'Get Your Quotes' have compiled a collection of authentic John Lennon quotes that are entertaining and influential to use in different situations. Since he was a musician most of his quotes are about songs and art. Art was his way to express the wit and wisdom in a whimsical manner. He was also a great promoter of peace around the world. You can find a lot of John Lennon quotes about love and peace living which are great words to remember. Search through the different quotes to learn more about how he viewed life and living.

Everyone likes a good quote to read and share with others. John Lennon quotes are something that you can use to portray a thoughtful message. At 'Get Your Quotes' the different sayings of the great artist are authentic and not used from unknown sources. These words were searched for through his interviews and articles written on him. Some of the quotes are thought provoking and some are humorous in nature. They are all a joy to read however and something that must be shared. Use them as advice or keep them as your social networking status. They will surely generate a lot of interest because John Lennon was known for his unique style of expressions.