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If you get hurt by a woman, all women become bad to you.

Coco Chanel
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The woman who defined fashion in France had a number of important words to express that have been quoted throughout to be influenced and inspired from. Fashion fanatics use Coco Chanel quotes in their techniques and style to portray their fashion line. There is no doubt this high flying fashion goddess could turn street rags into elegant apparels but her words of wisdom were surely made out of wit, trueness and smartness. At 'Get Your Quotes' you can search for your favorite Coco Chanel quote related to life, fashion, dressing up, beauty, modesty, elegance, women and success. She surely had a lot to say when it came to styling and trends but Coco Chanel also had a take on life and success that is truly inspiring to read.

Coco Chanel quotes are mostly used in fashion articles and as guidelines to follow by people who have a thing for dressing up in style. Because she changed the dynamics of women's wardrobe her quotes are mostly about daring to become stylish and fabulous. They are all inspiring and exhibit the kind of passion that she possessed for fashion. That is the main reason that her words are being used as quotes. Our compilation of Coco Chanel quotes are genuine right from the legend's mouth. They have been searched from the various newspapers and books written by credible authors on her.

Coco Chanel has been an inspiration for many and her quotes provide a lot to learn. They can be used in any way and not only in articles to add some spark to it. People use Coco Chanel quotes in apparel shops, as wallpapers and even as their punch lines. So search through our collection of Coco Chanel quotes and find the one that you want to put up somewhere people can see and get inspired from.